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Welcome to Brittany

Brittany is one of the thirteen French regions.

It is located in the Northwest of the country and is divided into four departments: Finistère, Côtes-d'Armor, Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine.

Brittany has the longest coastline in France (1.100 kilometres), as well as many islands where you can observe a great diversity of bird species (especially migratory birds).

Its inhabitants are called 'Bretons'.

They used to speak Breton and Gallo until it was prohibited during the XXth century (but it is no longer).

The land of Montfort en Brocéliande

Welcome to the land of Montfort

The land of Monfort is a land of legends located at the edge of the fabulous forest of Brocéliande.

Succumb to the charm of the nature's sumptuousness: there you will find craggy valleys, mysterious ruins, ornithological reserves and walks by the water.

Located in Brocéliande, in the heart of Brittany and of the Gallo district, the diversity of the historical and archeological legacy there will amaze you.


At the edge of Brocéliande

Visiting Brocéliande will allow you to discover King Arthur's legends, mysterious landscapes, magical places and enchanting characters...

Brocéliande is also a very nice place to have a good time and rest among the trees, the lakes and the small villages.

The land of Montfort en Brocéliande also has its own history thanks to the diverse stories and legends that were passed through generations.

These legends are so implanted in the region you could almost believe them.



For further information, please contact the Tourist Office of the land of Montfort.