the tourist office

Since june 2018 the tourist office is settled just front of the lake!


  • In summer, we are happy to welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:30 am and from 13:30 pm to 18:00 pm



  • In October from 10h 12h30 13h30 17h30 from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday from 13:30 to 17:30.

Phone. 02 99 09 06 50


  • Ambulance : 15
  • Fire Service : 18
  • Police : 17
  • Doctors in the evenings and weekends : 15
  • Poison Units : 02 99 59 22 22
  • Around the lake :



14 landmarks to locate and call emergency


The tourist office is classified Category 1, Tourist Offices of France, national federation.
The entire team is at your disposal throughout the year to facilitate your stay and make your visit to Brocéliande even more enjoyable.
Since it opened to the public in June 2007, the tourist office of Montfort Community is engaged in the quality approach led by the Tourist Office of Brittany, regional federation.
As a logical extension of its commitment, the entire Tourist Office team is committed to obtaining the Tourism Quality TM Mark and graduated on July 12, 2011, renewed in 2015.

Our engagements

The entire team of the tourist office is committed to:

- Welcome you with a smile,
View and broadcast opening periods in English and Spanish,

- To be open at least 305 days a year,

- To offer you a comfortable reception area in every season, where you can sit,

- Make information accessible throughout the year,

- Disseminate quality information, adapting to the seasons,
To produce paper cards and brochures to serve you better,

- To facilitate internet browsing via embedded supports,
Answer your calls and written requests by mail, mails and via social networks,

- Give you access to the internet to access tourist information,

- Facilitate the actions of visitors, whether they are tourists, excursionists, inhabitants, socioprofessionals and elected officials,

- Treat any complaints and measure the satisfaction of these visitors,

- To disseminate information in English and Spanish,

- To have the information in a complete way as regards the offer of lodging, the restoration on the territory of Montfort Community, the tourist sites cultural, natural or of essential leisure activities at the scale of the Destination Brocéliande, a calendar of festivals and events that will have been transmitted to us.

- Have emergency phone numbers in their possession,

- Update at least annually its tourist information,

- Give you access to the consultation of classified accommodation availabilities.

- Promote the local offer on the internet and social networks,
- Respect the requirements of the mark QUALITE TOURISME

two tactile terminals to the information

Two tactile terminals, accessible 24 hours a day, are at your disposal in Bédée, Village Etape gateway to Destination Brocéliande and Lake Trémelin in Iffendic, classified tourist resort.

others marks and labels

The tourist office is a member of the network "petite cité de caractère"